There are approximately 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 (or, 1 billion trillion) stars in our universe, but we only see a few in our night sky. Those are the ones that have been burning brightest.

Like brands, we know that the brightest stars are the ones with the most energy. However, at any given moment, an old star or a new star can die due to a lack of resources. It’s the job of strategists like us to keep those brands burning, not burning out.

With my experience in digital strategy — ranging from nonprofits, media, agencies, and in-house — I’ve learned that the most beloved of brands are the authentic ones that make full use of what they have, and aren’t afraid to deny that they’re run by people like you and I.

I’m no astronaut, just a stellar strategist that wears something on my head. I like long walks on the beach, longer threads on Reddit, and when you reach out to me at the links below.