How apptivism can combat slacktivism

Abraham Lincoln once said, “Slacktivism only goes so far.” I stand corrected, it was Marilyn Monroe. No, wait, it was Rosa Parks. Maybe it was Frederick Douglass? I’m not sure anymore, everything is fake and truth doesn’t exist. A month ago after the Muslim Ban came into effect, people began deleting their Uber accounts because […]

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New year, new brand

A story from second grade. After you get comfortable with learning how to read, you start to notice people will write the most interesting things. I remember asking my father, Ihssan Alkadi, to sign a document for class. He complied with a swift move of his pencil, and I eagerly glanced at his penmanship to try and piece […]

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Undermining Underlining

I was working on something in Illustrator the other day when I realized: what the heck happened to the underline option? Couldn’t be, I thought. Has it really come to this? Have we really hated the underline button so much, thought it so visually unappealing that we have banned it from the party? Then, I […]

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Shooting the Messenger

Non-messenger apps are using message functions to coerce you into using the app longer. Let me walk you through human history for a minute. After the dinosaurs went extinct, Facebook tried to kill WhatsApp with Messenger. Years later, people are still so frustrated about Messenger that they refuse to download it to their phones. [bctt […]

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WordPress? More like WordBest.

I’m going to say something that might make a few of the hipster college students mad. Brace yourself. What I’m about to tell you isn’t pretty, but I promise I do it out of love. I hate seeing people get cheated, and I especially hate seeing it happen to young professionals. Look — I’m not […]

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