Anonymous pieces are available upon request.


  • Afraa and Yawm al-Khulayf: A Cinderella Story (Commission): What happens when you leave your sandal on the best day of the year?
    • I love this one! Very creative. Allahumma barik! I was waiting to see how you’d get Prince Charming into the mix. I wasn’t disappointed at all 😀
  • The Tarweedeh: A coded message in a melody. (Solicited)
    • I enjoyed the energy of your piece very much. It has a gentle, authentic feel, and captures the familial and communal Palestinian spirit beautifully.
  • The Little Muslimah: If “The Little Mermaid” became Muslim. (Commission)
    • Thank you for another beautiful story, this one really made me cry and reflect. This is a gem of a story and you are a gifted writer mashaʾAllah!
  • The Six Fasts: An adaptation of “The Six Servants” by the Brothers Grimm. (Commission)
    • “You nailed all the references.”
  • Never Again: A poem on it never happening for anyone.
  • Bismillah, The Beast (Part 1 & Part 2): A Muslim retelling of Beauty and the Beast (Commission)
    • “I loved the inclusion of these genuine marketplace-names that are familiar throughout the Arab world! I also really love how there is war and conflict but as a backdrop, not the main action, so that as children grow with the story, they could think about that more deeply, without it being too overwhelming or intense. Excited to read the next installation!”
    • I love your storytelling, Hannah! You always have a way of bringing them to life MashaAllah! 
  • No Two Sides: A poem featured in Voices in Solidarity with the People of Gaza.
  • Pyrochor: A poem on the scent of fire.
  • Piecing Together Heartbreak: A collection of wordplay composed when my world fell apart.
    • “Your words took me on such an aching journey.”
    • “So much of this resonated with me, and you can feel the heartache so acutely.”
  • The Apiary: A historical fantasy about a nanny from the subcontinent who raised children from the sceptered isle.
    • “It’s a truly lovely story, and I’m so glad that you sent it to us! It’s completely up my alley, a little sprinkling of magic woven into a story with so much heart.”
  • Poison: A retelling of the Scottish “Tam Lin” that takes place in Qing Dynasty China.
    • “Love the research and creativity with this piece! Such a different backdrop for a story that became so easy to visualize.”
  • Wendy: An answer to the question of Wendy Darling becoming Wedad, a Muslim.
    • “I was captivated from start to finish!”
    • “Wow! I couldn’t stop reading!”
    • “What a beautifully woven creative twist on such a classic story and set of characters… it made me smile a lot!”
    • “I was a big fan of Peter Pan as a child and it always made me a bit sad that he never grew up. Thank you for fixing that and in such a beautiful way.”
  • Red: A rendition of Red Riding Hood, set in an Albanian Muslim town.
    • “Aw, I love this! So many good elements – fairy tale retelling, Red Riding Hood, werewolves – and so well done. Earlier this year, I read another Muslim Red Riding Hood story, ‘Hamra and the Jungle of Memories’ by Hanna Alkaf, but this one has its own flavor. Excited to read the rest!”