Anonymous pieces are available upon request.


  • No Two Sides: A poem featured in Voices in Solidarity with the People of Gaza.
    Bismillah, The Beast
    : A Muslim retelling of Beauty and the Beast (Commission)
  • Pyrochor: A poem on the scent of fire
  • Piecing Together Heartbreak: A collection of wordplay composed when my world fell apart
    • “Your words took me on such an aching journey.”
    • “So much of this resonated with me, and you can feel the heartache so acutely.”
  • The Apiary: A historical fantasy about a nanny from the subcontinent who raised children from the sceptered isle
    • “It’s a truly lovely story, and I’m so glad that you sent it to us! It’s completely up my alley, a little sprinkling of magic woven into a story with so much heart.”
  • Poison: A retelling of the Scottish “Tam Lin” that takes place in Qing Dynasty China
    • “Love the research and creativity with this piece! Such a different backdrop for a story that became so easy to visualize.”
  • Wendy: An answer to the question of Wendy Darling becoming Wedad, a Muslim
    • “I was captivated from start to finish!”
    • “Wow! I couldn’t stop reading!”
    • “What a beautifully woven creative twist on such a classic story and set of characters… it made me smile a lot!”
    • “I was a big fan of Peter Pan as a child and it always made me a bit sad that he never grew up. Thank you for fixing that and in such a beautiful way.”
  • Red: A rendition of Red Riding Hood, set in an Albanian Muslim town
    • “Aw, I love this! So many good elements – fairy tale retelling, Red Riding Hood, werewolves – and so well done. Earlier this year, I read another Muslim Red Riding Hood story, ‘Hamra and the Jungle of Memories’ by Hanna Alkaf, but this one has its own flavor. Excited to read the rest!”
  • Roumana Makes Suhoor